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Freddy Ramsey Jr.

“Every person has a purpose and every purpose has a process; The question is…Will You Persevere?” 



First, thank you, you could be doing anything in the world right now but you’re here with me, and I appreciate it. 

I’m Freddy, originally from Baltimore but I currently live in Los Angeles. I have two beautiful and amazing sisters that I love dearly, and two parents that sacrificed and provided for all three of us. So, for that, I am grateful.

Now, I’m going to do this weird thing where I talk about myself in the third person, because that’s how someone told me my bio “needed to be”. Sorry, not sorry 😒 🤷🏾‍♂️.


Freddy Ramsey Jr. is an American actor, writer, and director. He can be seen on hit shows such as All American: Homecoming (CW), Family Reunion (Netflix), & This Is Us (NBC). As an MFA grad and former collegiate athlete, Freddy brings his persistence and dedication in practice to the craft of acting. Since graduating from CalArts with his MFA, he has taken class with industry names such as Deborah Aquila, Phaedra Harris, Roger Guenveur Smith, and Marc Cashman.

His favorite quote is as follows:
"Every person has a purpose and every purpose has a process, the question is; Will you persevere?".

Freddy is currently in the process of writing an Eight Episode limited series, American Outcasts,  that is based on the true story of his 3x great grand parents, and their journey north from the newly free antebellum south. 

He is also shooting a sketch/sitcom show, The Reynolds, which is an original piece written and directed by Freddy. Imagine If Martin Lawrence's Martin and Eddie Murphey's Norbit made a baby!

Click the "Reels" tab at the top of the page to see video of the work mentioned.

Ok, I won't torture you any longer. Since you shared your time with me I will share one of my favorite quotes with you. Deal? Ok great 👍🏾!. 


"Take the chance! Don't fear the risk! If nothing else, you will fail FORWARD!" ~ Freddy Ramsey Jr.



Freddy Ramsey Jr.

Los. Angeles, California


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